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First thing’s first! Where do you want to go? What is on your Bucket List? There are SO many amazing destinations around the world we all want to explore and sometimes we get the change to do so. Some dreams do come true! Wanderlust is stumbling upon a beautiful image of a distant place and adding it to your travel bucket list.

Well on our Bucket List was an Transatlantic trip to the Caribbean with our own sailyacht The Nou Horitzo.


And on the 25th of November it is happening. We are sailing from Las Palmas to St Lucia with a race called ARC organised by the World Cruising Club. But prior to the start we have 12 day’s of party’s, briefings, preparing and meetings with the other ARC members in Las Palmas.

World Cruising Club is the world’s leading sailing rally specialist, with nine distinct rallies taking place every year.

In this blog I want to write all about the trip across the Atlantic sea and all the sail trips we want to take once arrived in St Lucia. We are planning a least to stay there for 3 months and sail around exploring the Caribbean and beyond.

Please follow us in this journey and let me inspire you to travel!






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