About Me. Nou Horitzo’s Transatlantic Journey

Hi, I’m Manou, a Dutch native, who likes to blog about Travel and  Lifestyle. I want to share my favorite places, foods, travels, styles and healthy way’s of living with you.

I live with my partner Erik a dog and 2 cats in a beautiful little town in the Netherlands and we love sailing. We are about to start our journey with our own sailyacht The Nou Horitzo across the Atlantic sea to St Lucia and I like to share our yourney with you. This trip will be about soul searching, doiing things out of my comfortzone and making memories.

I love you all to be with me on this Bucket List experience that will change my life (I Think) forever.

Because I’m a Dutch girl I will blog in Dutch, but now and then I will share a story in English. Feel free to ask me anything!